About Us

About Ivory Lens

The best pictures always tell a story. Our job is to capture those stories, one frame at a time.  Each picture is a treasure to someone, as well as a moment frozen in time that will bring back wonderful memories and smiles of joy.

Our goal, as photographers, is to go beyond your expectations. You won’t just get a book filled with spectacular photos, you’ll have a fantastic experience that you’ll look upon fondly and perhaps want to experience it again.

There is an endless number of styles and types of photography. At Ivory Lens, we specialize in portrait photography and weddings, mixing things up with contemporary and classic shooting styles and a variety of location options.

About John

I am a lover of natural light, infectious laughter, and love seeking beauty in daily life. Telling stories through my lens, I take great joy in being able to deliver meaningful imagery to each and every couple or family I have the privilege of working with.

One time, my family went to a local photo studio to have our family portrait taken. We waited for more than an hour just for the 10 minutes shooting. Plus about an hour to wait for the photos printout. That is one of the reasons why I want to start Ivory Lens Photography. I have been involved in photographic industry in one way or another. My previous job as a Graphic Designer and product photographer has helped me to develope skills that I need in this industry. I am easy going and you will have fun working with me. I can do candid as well as formal shot. I am looking forward to capturing your special moments.

Here is a photo of my beautiful family. My wife doesn’t want to show her face because her face is too chubby.




Have a browse through our portfolio. If you are interested to have some images of your family documented, it is pretty much my favorite thing to do now. So please drop me a line or email me at ivory lens@gmail.com! Thank you!